Thing 12 – Putting the social into social media

*Clears throat* Ah herm.  First confession, I've only just this second officially signed up for cpd23, well, better late than never.  And, as it turns out, I might have a few folks along the ride with me in May as the whole programme is about to be re-run.  Yay!  I was feeling a little lonely … Continue reading Thing 12 – Putting the social into social media

Thing 11 – mentoring

Hmm, mentoring, now, I do have some experience in this area.  I did once work in an organisation where there was a formal mentoring scheme.  All new members of staff were matched up with a mentor so when I started I was introduced to a colleague and when I was long enough in the tooth I agreed to become … Continue reading Thing 11 – mentoring

being a librarian – the story so far

I love being a librarian.  It's interesting, exciting, challenging, always different.  Stamping books, shushing, shelving,  twin sets, buns, pearls.  The stereotypes are all still there.  I myself am guilty of every single one of them at some time.  Well, maybe not the twin set. So why would you want to be a librarian and why … Continue reading being a librarian – the story so far

cpd23 – Thing 8 – Google calendar

At work we use Google Mail, Google Docs and there is a Google Calendar.  I have not needed to use this for work purposes, it is not something that is standard practice.  In previous job roles calendars sharing and associated bonuses such as  automated meeting booking was commonplace. In the interests of science, I have now populated … Continue reading cpd23 – Thing 8 – Google calendar

cpd23 ‘Thing 7’ – National, regional and special interest groups

Deep cleansing breath... CILIP groups.  Here we go. By dint of geography and the sector within which I work the most relevant CILIP groups are: Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG), which as of the beginning of 2012 is now the focus at national and regional level for my sector.  Previous to this both CoFHE (Colleges of … Continue reading cpd23 ‘Thing 7’ – National, regional and special interest groups


Right ho.  Mixed feelings again here.  LinkedIn/Linkedin. Before I began the initiation ceremony I assumed that the sum total of folks that I knew on LinkedIn would be my boss and my husband.  How wrong could I be?  I naively entered my home/shopping email address and wooohooo, within a few microseconds LinkedIn had rifled through … Continue reading Linkedin

The story so far…

Or  Thing 5 - Reflective Practice and maybe a bit of Things 6 and 7 Online Networks and Real Life Networks. To tweet or not to tweet? Twitter has yet to become part of my daily life although I am beginning to see its advantages.  We had a pretty serious incident within our local community … Continue reading The story so far…


Hello there Dear Reader. You know by now that I have to write these things down or I will just plain forget that I have done them. Very excited to have added a Twitter Button from to my previous post. *sighs with satisfaction*. Today's 'To Do:' list had Pushnote at the top... So, from the Pushnote home page … Continue reading Pushnote

Brain hurting, need… time… to… assimilate info…

Thing 4 suggests investigating RSS Feeds, Twitter and Pushnote.  Deceptively little to investigate one might think.  For my own reflection I'm going to list my actions: 1) Led to Andy Priestner's blog by the CILIP weekly news email, I read this lovely post on 'Twitter for Research' .  Oh, Twitter doesn't look so bad thinks I, … Continue reading Brain hurting, need… time… to… assimilate info…