Too shy shy, shush shush, thing to thing

Once again giving away my great age by referencing something '80s*. Thing 21: Promoting yourself in job applications and at interview I guess that's the 'thing' about these 'Things'.  It's about reflection and critical awareness of ones own skills and abilities.   A journey of self-discovery if you will.  And what I have discovered when investigating Thing 21 is … Continue reading Too shy shy, shush shush, thing to thing

Take A Peek – Things 17 to 20

Making CPD23 my own I'm whizzing through Thing 17 The Medium is the Message- Prezi and Slideshare Lovely, useful. I'll investigate more thoroughly when I next come to write a presentation. Thing 18 Jing / screen capture / podcasts (making and following them) Cloing. That's the noise of me dropping the name of the article … Continue reading Take A Peek – Things 17 to 20

ABC – advocacy, bibliographic management and conferences

But not in that orders my lovelies. Thing 14  - Zotero, Mendeley, CiteULike As I have worked predominantly in UK Higher Education I would say that I have slightly more than a passing aquaintance with bibliographic management software (BMS). The only points that I would add to the excellent CPD23 run-down are: 1) With some … Continue reading ABC – advocacy, bibliographic management and conferences

Five Have A Wonderful Tim

Call the proof-reader!! Or, join in?  I guarantee that all of you are going to be better at this than I am.  Apart from anything else I am incredibly poorly read and am probably the only librarian alive who dreads fiction rounds in general knowledge quizzes.   No I don't know.  Yes, I work in a … Continue reading Five Have A Wonderful Tim

keeping it current

 The justification for the photo?  More to prove that I haven't just dumped my original 'mentoring' post into a new one without re-reading it and adapting it in the light of my current thoughts.  Although, I could try to be clever and make a connection between mentoring, professional involvement and the Olympic and Paralympic values … Continue reading keeping it current

How did that get there and how did I get here?

Boy was it ever cold and damp the day that we accidentally visited Stone Henge.  Middle of Winter?  Nope, a few weeks back at the beginning of June.  Due to a long tail back on the A303 we found ourselves doing a circuit around the stones braced against horizontal rain with coach-loads of dazed and … Continue reading How did that get there and how did I get here?

Cool, hip and trendy… looking like a

*censored for professional purposes*.  If you don't mind a bit of fruity language you can find the inimitable Eddie Izzard talking about a fashion cycle here on YouTube, just watch the first 3 minutes or so. Now, why have I bought this to your attention?  Well my brain made the comedic connection when reading this … Continue reading Cool, hip and trendy… looking like a

part-time – fully professional

 I love being part-time.  Like so many folks I have the career thing bubbling on the hob with the family thing.  When these 'things' are in balance I have found being part-time allows me some useful perspective.  I don't get as mired in inertia and cynicism as I have occasionally found happens when doing 9-5 … Continue reading part-time – fully professional

Profersonal – Is that even a word?

Just like my 'real' life my 'online' life has blurred lines:  Some professional colleagues become friends, some friends become colleagues.  For many of these poor folk, I doggedly connect with them across a multitude of platforms representing all of our shared interests and in doing so the boundaries between professional and personal have become well … Continue reading Profersonal – Is that even a word?