The story so far…

Or  Thing 5 – Reflective Practice and maybe a bit of Things 6 and 7 Online Networks and Real Life Networks.

To tweet or not to tweet?

Twitter has yet to become part of my daily life although I am beginning to see its advantages.  We had a pretty serious incident within our local community this week.  Had I thought to check Twitter on my mobile I could have found out almost instantly what was going on.  What I actually did was get the details from Facebook several hours after the police had disappeared from our shared driveway.  We, as a community, might even have been able to help to catch the perpetrator as the incident was in broad daylight at the height of the end of the day school run.

My reservations with Twitter are now almost exclusively to do with how I might use what is to me a new mode of communication, I am not sure with whom or about what I will be most likely to communicate.  Also, as I work in a library, I do have a tendency to have my phone on silent or vibrate which negates the instant update effect.  Any advice from fellow library dwellers on how to utilise Twitter at work.  I’m thinking – own device or work PC or something else??  Does anyone have any comments on the trend for bringing your own device into work?  I found this interesting: bbc news article – BYOD.

Other insightful one-word reflections

Pushnote – meh

Blogging – love

RSS feeds – useful


I’ve had a Facebook account for about 3 years now.  In that time I have got the hang of the mix of personal and professional contacts that I have there and I have a mental list of subjects that are appropriate – big events, tough shifts, personal news, calls to arms.  I don’t have a problem with mixing the personal and professional and it seems that students don’t either:

Deciphering Student Search Behaviour

I think that LinkedIn will be the next community that I will investigate.  Cover me, I’m going in!

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