Right ho.  Mixed feelings again here.  LinkedIn/Linkedin.

Before I began the initiation ceremony I assumed that the sum total of folks that I knew on LinkedIn would be my boss and my husband.  How wrong could I be?  I naively entered my home/shopping email address and wooohooo, within a few microseconds LinkedIn had rifled through my inbox and suggested as contacts what looked like anyone that I had ever emailed.  LinkedIn feels professional and to do with the ‘work’ me.   In an increasingly boundary-less existence with the personal and the professional merging more and more some parts of the registration grated.  For example, I have chosen not to allow LinkedIn to work away on my behalf harvesting news and posting it to my Facebook page or broadcasting what it deems news from my Twitter account .  I decide who knows what thank you so very much.  You application, me human.

In the correct context I can see that LinkedIn could be extremely valuable, but I am currently not that happy about entering my entire CV on such a public forum.  If I was job-hunting I could see some merit, at the moment, it’s not for me.

Also.  I CANNOT find out how to add a LinkedIn button to my blog.   Does anyone know if this is possible?  If so, can you let me know?!  Thanks.  I’m off to rant and rave in private.  Ta-ra.

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