cpd23 – Thing 8 – Google calendar

At work we use Google Mail, Google Docs and there is a Google Calendar.  I have not needed to use this for work purposes, it is not something that is standard practice.  In previous job roles calendars sharing and associated bonuses such as  automated meeting booking was commonplace.

In the interests of science, I have now populated a ‘work’ Google calendar, it exists in splendid isolation.  Perhaps we can make use of Google calendar for our extended hours timetable?  It’s not that flexible.  I have a work pattern that repeats over a two week period and it wasn’t possible to enter an event that happened fortnightly.  I had to enter a weekly event and then delete the events that I didn’t need.

Last sentence summary:

More trouble than it’s worth?  That’s perhaps a little negative.  Something which I may re-visit.

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