Hello there Dear Reader.

You know by now that I have to write these things down or I will just plain forget that I have done them. Very excited to have added a Twitter Button from http://www.twitterbuttons.net/Buttons2.php to my previous post. *sighs with satisfaction*.

Today’s ‘To Do:’ list had Pushnote at the top…

So, from the Pushnote home page I garnered the following: It’s a place to go to manage/store/disseminate favourite Internet content? I had no sound on my work PC so the ‘how pushnote works’ video was not much help. Guru Google says… OK… Stephen Fry is a shareholder and it’s a web commenting service…(Telegraph article) and I have to download an add-on to my browser. One for home then… and I’m really not sure about this. It offers me the ability to add add my comments onto anyone’s website? I can then share these comments with other ‘Pushnoters(?)’, my Facebook friends and Twitter followers.  My internal jury is very much out on this one, it’s not a need that I had identified.

And I need to work on the overuse of the elipsis…

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