Brain hurting, need… time… to… assimilate info…

Thing 4 suggests investigating RSS Feeds, Twitter and Pushnote.  Deceptively little to investigate one might think.  For my own reflection I’m going to list my actions:

1) Led to Andy Priestner’s blog by the CILIP weekly news email, I read this lovely post on ‘Twitter for Research’ .  Oh, Twitter doesn’t look so bad thinks I, having previously been firmly in the ‘too much noise/celebrity breakfast camp’.  Perhaps I’ll start with that HootSuite thing, and ‘oh look’ there’s that Prezi thing…  doesn’t that come up later in cpd23?

2) Join HootSuite, link up with my Faceboook profile.  Find out that I haven’t actually joined Twitter yet.  Join Twitter as penny_librarian.  Follow a few people.  Tweet a ‘First Tweet’.  Set up an RSS feed on HootSuite.

3) Put a Twitter link on my Blog.

4) Lie down in darkened room and think about what I’ve done and how it all connects together.

Next – Pushnote!  should be fun as I’ve not even heard of this.  Px


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