So far behind…

that I could slap on some dungarees and apply for Rear of the Year.

Except that I don’t own any and I’m far too old and I’m not ‘sweetly pretty just like a proper girly should be’
(top marks if you’re an 80s child and you get the ‘Young Ones’ reference to the fabulous Ms Kendal.)

Why so tardy you ask? Well my Summer contained these things:

Hehe, so far so brilliant a holiday. Now back to reality and a lot of cpd23 catching up to do. Today for me, it’s Thing 13: Google Drive, Wikis and Dropbox.

All very useful. I’ve worked with a wiki as a repository of ‘everything you wanted to know about enquiries but were afraid to ask’ and it was most excellent. It was a particularly perfect tool because I was working for an enquiry service that dealt with predominantly ‘remote’ enquiries (email, webchat and phone) and much time was saved by the inclusion of text that could be used as the basis of ‘an answer’ to the enquirer. We could also leave helpful ‘things what have happened this shift’ messages for one another. Great for that continuity of service/super effective communication stuff.

Now, Google Drive. I have used this in its previous guise (Google Docs) as a way of working together with a colleague in a team of two separated by a couple of hundred miles and with little infrastructure from our then employers. Worked great. In my current organisation we are watching with interest how the student body utilise Google Drive and other applications that are made available on our ‘borrow-able’ Chromebooks. There may be some difficulties with inter-platform compatibility as the networked PCs on which the students also work have MS Office so the movement of documents between the two may not be without issue.

Dropbox seems to offer very similar functionality and I would consider investing time in investigating it further if my workplace was not already pretty firmly in the Google camp.

To finish up? I’ve added an entry to the Library Routes Project . Not without a bit of a wobble because at one point it looked to me as if my editing had broken the whole site, seems fine now *superstitiously touches desk made of mdf, wonder if that counts?*


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