Take A Peek – Things 17 to 20

Making CPD23 my own I’m whizzing through

Thing 17
The Medium is the Message- Prezi and Slideshare
Lovely, useful. I’ll investigate more thoroughly when I next come to write a presentation.

Thing 18
Jing / screen capture / podcasts (making and following them)
Cloing. That’s the noise of me dropping the name of the article what I wrote with my old boss. Twice in two blog posts.
It is particularly relevant though seeing as it’s about screen capture.

Captivating Open University students with online literature search tutorials created using screen capture software

Along with screen capture, I would make a plea for the investigation of e-meeting/web-conferencing/screen-sharing software such as Elluminate or GoToMeeting.
The training potential of these is huge. You can conduct live sessions one-to-one or one-to-many. You can record sessions and have them available 24/7. You can reach  in an engaging and interactive way customers for whom face-to-face is impossible.
OK, it’s not without it’s problems. I had a particularly difficult session due to a dodgy router at my end and an intermittant internet connection in Nicosia. But new(ish) technology brings challenges.
My top tips.
* Don’t be fooled by the informality of the Internet, it’s a training session like any other. You need to prepare your content and let your attendees know what to expect.
* Allow plenty of time for attendees to get their technology working. Microphones, speakers and cameras can take a while to sort even if you know what you’re doing.
* Use a headset, it gives you two hands free for typing and allows you good control of your volume.
* If you are recording a session, go somewhere quiet, preferably a sound-proof booth. One of my recordings was done in what I thought was a silent office but sounded as though I had been down the Dog and Duck at chucking out time.

More of a user than a maker, although I’d like to change that!

Thing 19: Catch up week on integrating ‘things’
Reflecting on the journey so far I would say my biggest revelation has been Twitter. It’s not something with which I would have bothered without cpd23 and I have found it great for lessening my feelings of professional isolation.
I really am very, very part-time and Twitter allows me to get illuminating and encouraging, bite-sized doses of all things library. Perfick and all the more so for being a quite un-expected pleasure.

Thing 20: The Library Routes Project
I love the way that many people ‘fall upon’ librarianship.  I love the way that I have worked with people who have had other lives and jobs before coming into this profession.  I have been privileged to work among for example:  A former Category A Prison Officer, a former nurse, a couple of former teachers and I think 3 people previously employed by the  BBC.  The life skills and the wealth of out-of-librarianship experience that this brings to the profession is invaluable and it makes for a fabulously rich working environment.

If you’re interested in my particular journey, I have added both my roots and my routes posts to the second table, about 3 or 4 from the bottom as of today.



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