Five Have A Wonderful Tim

Call the proof-reader!!

Or, join in?  I guarantee that all of you are going to be better at this than I am.  Apart from anything else I am incredibly poorly read and am probably the only librarian alive who dreads fiction rounds in general knowledge quizzes.   No I don’t know.  Yes, I work in a library.  It wasn’t so bad when I worked in a public library, even if you don’t read the fiction yourself you get to shelve it and reserve it and help other folks find it.  We barely have any fiction on our shelves.

What am I blathering about?  Well, my great and gorgeous husband recently purchased the CD boxset of the first series of Cabin Pressure*, wherein there was mention of this game:

Books that sound more interesting with the last letter knocked off

The game started with – Of Mice and Me, Three Men in a Boa, Far from the Madding Crow and The Man with the Golden Gu.  You get the idea.  I had a go.  It was way more difficult than I anticipated, what do you think?

Five go to Mystery Moo
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fir
Charlotte’s We
The Velveteen Rabbi

Yes, it’s frivolous.  It’s also fun and social and that’s what this week’s cpd23 is all about.  Have a go and share your titles in the comments…  I could even try a hash tag #booktitlesmissinglastletter?

* Series 1, Episode 6: Fitton.  The details are important to geeks like me.

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