Starting over

Hello there!  I’m so pleased to see you!  Like a fair few folks I have been working away on cpd23 in what feels like a vacuum. However, as the course is alive again, I now have company. Yay!

When I look back at what I posted the first time I did Things 1-3, I can see that I have sorted a few things about which I was concerned:

How do you find a good blog? 

Serendipity?  Yes I know that’s a terrible library cliché and so early on, she showed so much promise. However.  Now cpd23 is up and running I firmly believe that we will find each other.  There’s the Delicious page, the list of participants, and the RSS feeds that you can read in various place on the cpd23 site or subscribe to yourself.  Once you find someone you like they will invariable lead you to others and a whole world that had previously been hidden reveals itself.

Once you’ve found a blog that you like, how do you keep up with it?

Well…  for my part I have a cpd23 feed on my home page and a WordPress App on my iPhone.  At the moment it’s the WordPress App that I use most.  I check in with the ‘Read’ part of that most nights whilst in bed.  As I am further along in my craft blogging career than I am in my librarian blogging career I mostly drop off to sleep crazily inspired to sew/knit/crochet/upcycle.  My most sincere hope for cpd23 is that you guys will soon inspire me in the same way.  Just imagine dreaming of cataloguing and e-resources.  Hmm, well we’ll see how that one works out 😉

What in the name of all that is printed and online shall I talk about and am I qualified?

Yes of course you are!  Talk about yourself, what cpd23 means for you, what you’ve got out of it so far and what you hope will come.  Oh, and don’t make the mistake that I did and try to balance two passions on the same blog.  Not unless you are way more skilled than I at knowing which hat you’re wearing.

And finally?  More pictures please.

The single thing that I would suggest to myself and other library bloggers.  Let’s be more visual.  When I went to Library School, admittedly before the old King died, there was only text access to the Internet.  Exciting and often confusing times.

Now, I haven’t ventured into Flickr yet, can I have some advice?  Is there a library bit that I can explore?  If not, could we make one?  Moodily lit bookshelves and counters might make for more interesting blogs.  It also might just offer ideas for new layouts and ways of working without the need for lengthy road-trips.

Looking forward to working with you all.  Keep blogging!

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